Choosing the best ISP for your home is about more than just finding the lowest price. Here are a few tips for choosing the right internet service provider for your home:

  • Search for available internet provider options in your area– Enter your ZIP at the top of the page, or call our internet experts to find internet providers for your address.
  • Decide what internet speeds you need– Choose a plan that gives you the internet speeds you want, but not one that has you paying for speeds higher than you need.
  • Compare internet providers and pricing– Consider what each plan costs and what speeds you get for the price to determine the best internet deal.
  • Check out special offers– Promotional and bundle offers could save you on monthly costs, equipment fees, installation and more.
  • Know the hidden costs– Most ISPs have added fees for equipment, installation, Wi-Fi service, etc. Additionally, some internet providers have monthly data caps, and may charge you an added fee or slow your speeds if you go over the limit.

Start with a search of what’s available in your area, or give us a quick call to hear about internet offers for your address.

Internet provider equipment fees and contracts info

It’s no secret that the advertised monthly price for services like internet isn’t always what you can expect to pay. Hidden fees for equipment, installation and more can raise your monthly costs. Data caps can also contribute to your monthly bill if you go over. Plus, an internet provider may require you to sign a service agreement and charge early termination fees or raise the price on you while you’re still under contract.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from some of the leading cheap internet providers in terms of added costs and contract requirements.

Start with a search of what’s available in your area, or give us a quick call to hear about internet offers for your address.

Verizon logo
  • Verizon Fios– Contract buyout offer
  • Equipment:Verizon lets you choose to rent equipment starting at $12/mo.*, buy equipment for a one-time cost starting at $199.99, or use your own equipment at no additional cost.
  • Installation:A one-time standard installation fee of $99 may apply.
  • Contract:None. Verizon Fios does not require a contract. Additionally, Verizon features a contract buyout offer with up to a $500 value.
  • Price increase:Verizon Fios internet plans come with a one-, two- or three-year price guarantee depending on the plan you choose. After the introductory period, standard rates apply. Price increases vary by plan.

AT&T – Fast, affordable DSL

  • Equipment: Rent AT&T’s Wi-Fi Gateway router for $10/mo.*
  • Installation: Standard installation can add a $99 fee to your initial cost. However, you can divide the cost up over your first three payments if you choose. For self-installation, a $35 activation fee may apply.
  • Contract: A one-year service agreement is required. Early termination will result in a prorated fee.
  • Price increase: Standard rates apply after the one-year introductory rate expires. Price increases vary by plan.
att ad
  • Frontier– Two-year price guarantee
  • Equipment:Frontier requires a Wi-Fi router lease starting at $10/mo. Additionally, an Internet Infrastructure Fee of $3.99/mo. may apply.*
  • Installation:Frontier waives the installation fee of $75 for customers who sign a two-year contract. If you choose a no-contract plan option, installation fees apply.
  • Contract:Contract options vary by plan, including no-contract options. Opting out of a service agreement may result in higher monthly pricing and fees.
  • Price increase:Frontier offers a two-year price guarantee, even if you don’t sign a contract. After the introductory period, internet plan pricing raises to the regular plan price. Price increases vary by plan.
  • Windstream– Unlimited data
  • Equipment:Standard modem rental is required with Windstream plans and starts at $9.99/mo.*
  • Installation:The professional installation includes a one-time fee of up to $35. Depending on the plan you choose, Windstream may waive the installation fee. Self-installation may also be available. A $50 Internet Activation Fee may apply to professional and self-installation.
  • Contract:None. Windstream internet does not require a contract.
  • Price increase:Standard rates apply after the one-year introductory rate expires. Price increases vary by plan

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