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AT&T Internet Service

AT&T Internet Service:A service loved by all

AT&T Internet Service gives you freedom to enjoy your holidays at peak. With the help of AT&T strong and reliable internet connection, your family and guests make most of their time. There are multiple reasons that makes AT&T internet the first choice for all users.
Speed which you need without any interruption: No matter what are you doing working, browsing, video chatting AT&T gives you bandwidth that you may require. AT&T Internet Service is committed to provide most reliable service and keep you entertained whenever you need.
Proven reliability of 99%: We proudly boast ourselves to be the most reliable internet service provider. Connect with AT&T internet and share the same confidence further with friends and family. Have complete faith and peace of mind for getting uninterrupted services for your complete home.
Security is our motto too: When you are visiting your favorite shopping websites or banking online, keep yourself worry free. Download anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection. These all-security measures will keep your protected and safe without compromising your private information.


AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet possess

AT&T Internet possess all that you require for your home

AT&T Internet is power packed with a speed that is enough for a house full of people. We have been ranked #1 in the customer satisfaction for Residential internet Service in the North Central and South regions according to J.D.Power. We have designed our home internet to be used for work from home and to stream your favorite movies. AT&T internet is fast, reliable and gives strong Wi-Fi connectivity for your entire house. Use AT&T Smart Home Manager App for your Wi-Fi network and connected devices. For eligible households, we provide low-cost Access from AT&T internet which gives:

  • Free installation and in-home Wi-Fi
  • No annual contracts
  • No deposits

Access from AT&T is purely based on determining your eligibility based on four programs.

AT&T Internet Service Provider

AT&T Internet Service Provider

Why to choose AT&T Internet Service Provider for home & business?

AT&T is the first and foremost choice for any consumer when it comes to choose an internet service provider for home and business. AT&T Internet Service Provider is well established brand in the global market for providing high-speed internet. There are certain features which makes us prominent over others.

High Efficiency: Under one contract, you can bill all of your services. Be it Internet, phone or your TV. Upon choosing high speed internet for your business, you get one bill for all of your sites.

24/7 Customer Care: If you have any issue, we listen and resolve 365 days a year and 24/7 in a day. Just reach our experts and ask what comes on your mind.

Unbeatable Speeds: Our Fiber broadband gives speeds up to 1 Gbps uploading/downloading.

Bundle Offers: Combing two or three services together and enjoy our promotional offers. Get discounts and deals on double play or triple play service. Make most of your money on taking all three services from us i.e., TV, phone and internet.

Once you select AT&T Internet Service Provider for your home and business, you actually explore High Speed internet potentials benefits.

AT&T Internet Plans

AT&T Internet Plans with AT&T Fiber

AT&T Internet Plans with AT&T Fiber are limited and are only available in specific areas. Check your availability before buying.

INTERNET 1000 940 Mbps $60/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Best for online game lovers, connected homes, work from home users
INTERNET 500 500 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Ideal for multiple users for surfing, stream and share large files
INTERNET 300 300 Mbps $35/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Watch HD videos, for gaming online, share large files

Additional AT&T Internet Plans

We have mentioned additional AT&T Internet Plans which are designed specifically for your location. If you witness only one plan reflecting at your zip code, that means it is the best suitable internet offer based on your location.

Plan Estimated Download Speed Price What you get
INTERNET 100 100 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Watch videos in HD, play online games, share large files
INTERNET 50 50 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Watch videos on many devices, play games online, share photos and videos
INTERNET 25 25 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Streaming on many devices, play games online and share photos and videos
INTERNET 18 18 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Watch videos in HD, play games online, share photos and videos
INTERNET 10 10 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Get connected to social networking websites, download music and watch videos
INTERNET BASIC 5 5 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Best for social networking, download music and light video streaming
INTERNET BASIC 1.5 1.5 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Download small files, surf internet, social networking
INTERNET BASIC 768 0.8 Mbps $45/mo (taxes +equipment fee extra) Emailing, Browsing

Before buying AT&T Internet Plans, remember to check your eligibility using your address or zip code.

AT&T Internet Plans Pricing

AT&T Internet Plans with AT&T Fiber

AT&T Internet Plans Pricing is the most affordable when compared with other providers in return of services they offer. It is not only the plan of price which should be consider rather equipment fees, data allowances and contracts are also key factors that needs to be considered. AT&T has low equipment fees and offers unlimited data on most of the plans and does not have any contracts. These all-mentioned features make AT&T Internet to be the most customer friendly internet providers.

Low equipment fees: As compared to Verizon and Xfinity, AT&T has the lower equipment fees. The cost for your equipment fee from AT&T is similar for all plans i.e., 10/mo. However, with A&T you do not get freedom to use your own equipment. You may get AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway router to be worth the added fee. This Wi-Fi Gateway router helps to manage all connected devices and set parental controls via the AT&T Smart Home App.

Installation Fee: Professional Installation fee of $ 99 is required to install AT&T at home. In few areas, AT&T can be installed of your own as well, but mostly customers are required to schedule an appointment with an AT&T technician.

No Contracts: Buying an AT&T internet does not require any contract. Under few cases when you need to qualify to get a promotional discount or offer, a term agreement may be required.

Unlimited data with AT&T Fiber, select bundles: There are no data caps on any of the AT&T Fiber plans, and AT&T Internet customers who bundle with a qualifying TV service can also take advantage of unlimited data.

AT&T internet service for home

AT&T Internet Service for Home | AT&T Internet Plans

Are you looking for a fast and reliable internet connection for your home? AT&T Internet Service for home is absolute answer to your question.

  • Get over 99% reliability to watch, browse, play, and download
  • Connect all your devices with AT&T Smart Home Manager app for your Wi-Fi network
  • 30, 000+ Wi-Fi hotspots to get connected nationwide
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service to answer your queries
  • Enjoy contract free special pricing

With AT&T Internet Service for home, you can connect your family with a faster internet experience than cable. Explore features like power on multiple devices at once wherein each person can enjoy their own screen.

ATT Fixed Wireless internet Service

AT&T fixed wireless internet service

AT&T Fixed Wireless internet Service

For our clients residing in rural areas where they cannot enjoy wireline AT&T Internet Service, AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Service is a must have. We install wireless equipment and an antenna at your home. This service offers a download speed of 25Mbps typical with 350GB/mo data allowance. This service comes two ways. AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Service as a Standalone service or as a bundle offer with Direct TV.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Service as a standalone service: It come with a download speed of 10Mbps with a price of $69.99/-mo plus taxes and is ideal for rural households and businesses that are unable to get traditional internet service.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Service with bundle offer with DIRECT TV: It come with a download speed of 10Mbps with a price of $59.99/-mo plus taxes and is ideal for rural households and businesses that are unable to get traditional internet service.

These are the prices for residentials customers only. Equipment non-return fee will apply. A professional installation is also required to install the service which may charge up to $99. ATT Fixed wireless internet Service is available in limited areas only. Get in touch with an AT&T customer care executive to know more about the service.

ATT Fixed Wireless internet Service